Sunday, January 29, 2012

Permissions explained

Cause we get a lot of questions about the permissions in our apps, We will try to explain it with this post. Most permissions are in our apps because we use advertisements. Most of the permissions are used for advertisement purposes only and we had to incorporate those permissions in order to use the system from the ad agencies. Please understand that we need to have ads in our games in order to make free games. So let us explain the most important permissions:

  • Set Wallpaper -  For our puzzle games this permission lets us change the mobile device wallpaper, if the user wants to set one of the images as their wallpaper.
  • Network communication - This permission let's the app use the internet in order to make contact with the advertisement agencies and retrieve ads.
  • Read Phone state (calls) and identity - This one is used to extract information about the mobile device your using. For example it finds out which mobile carrier you are using(T-mobile, Verizon etc.) and what phone type you are using. This is because some advertisements are for certain types of mobile devices or certain types of providers only (let say you have a MOTOROLA Droid and the ad company wants to display ads for buying accessories for the MOTOROLA Droid).
  • (Network) Location - This is used for advertisement localizing. So for example if you live in Paris you might get advertisements in the french language, from a shop in Paris. Or if you live in texas you can get ads about a store in texas.
The permissions are only used in order for the apps to work properly and advertisement purposes. The ad networks are also very known companies with a good reputation, these are: Admob Inc. (by Google), Millenial Media Inc. and Mobclix Inc.

If you have any more questions regarding the permissions please feel free to contact us at any time: